About Cho'Sen

Cho'Sen (Cultivating Helpful Opportunities for Sisters through Empowered Networking), is a confidence-building ministry for women through spiritual uplift and principles. Cho'Sen focuses on spiritual growth enabling women to become self-sufficient and to build their self-confidence.


I would best describe Dee Haney as a Woman of God not by word, however but by deed. Highly educated, hardworking, and active in her community but somehow still manages to prioritize family over finances, love over labor and femininity above all. ...she's a true inspiration and an all-around class act...
--Eric Green--Good News Barbershop--Jonesboro, Georgia
I have worked with Dee Haney and she has always impressed me with her positive "can do" attitude, as she truly believes there is no situation that cannot be overcome. She is trustworthy, kind and very genuine. What you see is what you get with Dee. She is active in her church as she leads a group of young women and uses God's word to show them they are not alone and they can rely on His strength to help. Dee believes she must step up and be that person who makes a positive difference.
--Barbara Tatum--Community Citizen--McDonough, Georgia
I have had the pleasure of having Deatrice as a Sunday school teacher for over 15 years. As a spiritual person, she has been instrumental in shaping who I am. She has encouraged me through hard times, shared her words of wisdom, and shown me how to be bold in speaking about the Word to others. Because of this, I was excited when she decided to start Chosen. It was another opportunity for women of God to fellowship, lift each other up, and give back to others. Deatrice Haney is truly a blessing to me and all those around her.
--Keli Carter--Counselor--White House, Tennessee
As a pre-teen Ms. Deatrice "Dee" Haney has been an inspiration in my life. She is a Sunday school teacher and that is where it all started. Ms. Haney has been a big part of my life for 32 years and has seen me develop into a beautiful woman that I am today. Through life and at a time when I was in high school, I listened to her and applied her teachings. She continues to teach and touch the lives of people and direct them on the right path. Ms. Haney is a God-fearing, praying, head strong and powerful woman with many gifts.
--Clarissa Jordan--CNA--Atlanta, GA
Dee Haney is simply Awesome! She is an engaging motivational speaker that empowers and encourages the development of women. She has a strong message that everyone needs to hear. Dee Haney pours into her listeners emotional support that leaves you feeling inspired. She has made a major impact on the culture, social and civil lives of the members in my community.
--H. Drew Andrews--Development Associate--Jonesboro, GA